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Located in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale, MKTG Plan is surrounded by some of the best spots that this South Florida gem has to offer. From the stunning Fort Lauderdale Beach to the picturesque Las Olas Boulevard, this city provides an array of options for both relaxation and business networking. Don’t miss the Stranahan House, a historical landmark that offers a glimpse into the city’s past, or the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, a haven for automobile enthusiasts. The Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District is a hub for culture and nightlife, making it a perfect place for inspiration. In the heart of all this, our Search Engine Optimization Fort Lauderdale-based agency thrives, drawing creativity and energy from the community around us.

Our expert digital marketing team in Fort Lauderdale offers flexible and scalable solutions designed to help you reach your business objectives.

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MKTG is good

Luis make me happy because they solutions for your Business and we create ideas is and solution for your problem and make growth Solutions offer range of services to their and I am really happy with their service.
Florida Laboratories

Luis has been taking care of our accounts for over 6 Years with great care and interest.  He is very professional,  responsive and awesome to work with. Very intuitive at the same time. He  provides quality work, and he is able to get everything done at a reasonable time. He is  patient with those who are not familiar with managing a website. Great maintenance. He handles all the internet marketing.  I recommend him for your next project. I highly recommend him. Five stars all the way!!


Unlock SEO Success in Fort Lauderdale with MKTG Plan

Connecting with Your Target Audience, Anytime, Anywhere.

Keyword Research

Your assigned SEO expert will meticulously assess your current keyword rankings, collaborate with you to understand your desired keyword preferences, and perform thorough additional keyword research. The result will be a strategically curated list of keywords that perfectly aligns with your website’s objectives and the competitive digital landscape.

Link Building

Backlinks play a crucial role in achieving higher search engine rankings, but it’s not about just any link! That’s why teaming up with an SEO agency like Mktg Plan is your smart move. We boast a specialized link-building team with valuable connections to numerous high-quality and relevant websites.

Technical SEO

Enhancing your website’s backend, including improving page speed, can lead to improved rankings. Addressing these issues streamlines the process for search engine crawlers when they scan your site. When search engines are pleased, your rankings can bring even greater satisfaction!

Local SEO

Recent statistics reveal that 64 percent of potential customers seek local businesses online. Elevate your company’s local SEO rankings through Google Business Profile or Google My Business (GMB) optimization and attract customers with strong intent. Our team enhances your GMB profile and oversees your online reputation to expand your local customer base.

On-Page SEO

Amplify your digital presence and attract top-tier traffic. At Mktg Plan, we meticulously align our SEO services with search engines’ best practices to enhance your website’s credibility. Our SEO specialists create distinctive, content-rich material, fine-tune your headlines and HTML tags, and employ high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO

Expand your market reach and elevate your brand reputation with MKTG Plan’s specialized franchise SEO services. Our dedicated team crafts a tailored franchise marketing strategy centered around your target audience and service locations.

Shopify SEO

Fortify your e-commerce platform’s online presence and broaden your market reach. Our team of SEO experts is at your service around the clock to address your immediate needs and inquiries. We deliver comprehensive Shopify SEO audits, tailor Shopify web design solutions, manage paid advertising campaigns, and ensure timely response publishing for reviews to enhance your customers’ Shopify experience.

Content Writing

Our dedicated team of writers specializes in crafting SEO-friendly content tailored to your website. This includes the creation of engaging blog posts that are highly shareable, as well as the optimization of existing service and product pages with additional content. Search engines favor websites that consistently update their content. Choose our SEO company to meet your content needs and bolster your search marketing endeavors.

eCommerce SEO

Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with 24/7 convenience, leading to improved client retention rates. Our services include launching precisely targeted email marketing campaigns, optimizing your website for seamless mobile and voice search experiences, and facilitating Walmart Marketplace integrations to boost your sales volume. We’re here to help you create personalized and memorable brand interactions.

What Happens If You Don’t Use SEO

If You Want Your Website to Be Successful, It is Important to Invest in SEO

If you do not use SEO, your website will be less likely to be found by people who are searching for the products or services you offer. This means that you will miss out on potential customers and sales.

Here are some of the things that can happen if you do not use SEO:

  • Your website will rank lower in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • You will get less traffic to your website.
  • You will have fewer leads and sales.
  • You will have a harder time building brand awareness.
  • You will have a harder time competing with your competitors.
  • Your website will be less visible and credible.
  • Your website will be less secure.

If you want your website to be successful, it is important to invest in SEO. With MKTG plan, you can improve your website’s ranking in search engines and attract more visitors, leads, and sales.

Search Engine Optimization in Fort Lauderdale FAQs

Simply put, SEO is all about fine-tuning your website and its content so it shows up higher in search engine results. How do we do it? We sprinkle in the right keywords in all the right places—like meta tags, headlines, and throughout the content. But that’s not all; we also build top-notch backlinks to give your site that extra boost. At MKTG plan, we’re not just good at SEO; we’re downright obsessed with it! Our aim? To drive more high-quality traffic your way, straight from the search engines.

SEO and SEM might seem like alphabet soup, but they’re actually two distinct approaches to boosting your website’s visibility on search engine result pages. While they’re often lumped together, they’re not the same thing.

Think of SEM as the umbrella term that covers everything, including SEO. Some folks say SEM is all about paid ads on search engines, but it’s evolving to include more than that. Nowadays, SEM is the full package—it combines SEO with paid advertising strategies like Google AdWords and Bing Ads to maximize your online presence.

In a nutshell, SEM is your one-stop-shop for getting noticed online, pulling in both paid and organic traffic to your site.

SEO isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer when it comes to boosting your website’s presence on search engine result pages. Why should you care? Well, here’s the rundown:

  • More Traffic: Get ready for a surge in visitors.
  • Easy on the Wallet: It’s a cost-effective way to make a big impact.
  • Brand Boost: Elevate your brand’s profile like never before.
  • The Long Game: Enjoy benefits that stick around for the long haul.
  • User-Friendly: Make your site a place people love to visit.
  • Local Love: Target your local audience with pinpoint accuracy.
  • ROI Magic: Get more bang for your buck, plain and simple.

There are many ways to improve SEO, but some of the most effective include:

  1. Creating high-quality, unique content that addresses the needs and interests of your target audience.
  2. Optimizing your website for keywords that are relevant to your business and that your target audience is searching for.
  3. Building high-quality backlinks from other websites to your site.
  4. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly on all devices.
  5. Using alt tags to describe images and other media on your site.
  6. Creating a sitemap and submitting it to search engines.
  7. Ensuring that your website is correctly indexed by search engines by using tools such as Google Search Console.
  8. Creating and optimizing content for social media platforms.
  9. Using structured data to help search engines understand your content better.
  10. Being consistent in your website’s NAP (name, address, phone number) information across the web.

It’s important to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy, and the results of your efforts may not be immediately visible. Also, SEO best practices are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

  1. Not having a clear, keyword-rich page meta title and meta description
  2. Not using header tags (H1, H2, etc.) properly
  3. Not optimizing images with proper file names and alt tags
  4. Not having a responsive, mobile-friendly design
  5. Not having an XML sitemap or robot.txt file
  6. Not having high-quality, unique content
  7. Not building backlinks from reputable sources
  8. Not regularly updating and maintaining the website
  9. Using duplicate or plagiarized content
  10. Keyword stuffing, over-optimization.

Let’s clear the air on some SEO myths that just won’t go away:

  • Keyword Overload: Think jamming your page with keywords will shoot you to the top of search rankings? Think again. It can actually backfire and hurt your ranking.
  • Backlink Bonanza: More isn’t always better. What really counts is the quality of your backlinks, not just the quantity. Aim for links from reputable sites.
  • Social Media Snub: Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Likes, shares, and follows can give your search rankings a real boost by showing your site’s relevance and popularity.
  • Set It and Forget It: If you think SEO is a one-and-done deal, you’re in for a surprise. It’s a long game that needs regular upkeep to adapt to ever-changing algorithms and user habits.

An SEO audit is a process by which a website’s performance in search engine results is evaluated and recommendations are made to improve its visibility and ranking.

An SEO audit typically includes an analysis of the website’s:

  1. Technical structure
  2. Content
  3. Keywords
  4. Backlinks

The goal of an SEO audit is to identify any issues that may be preventing the website from ranking well and to provide actionable steps for improvement.

An SEO strategy isn’t just a fancy term; it’s your game plan for climbing the search engine rankings. What’s in the playbook? Well, here’s the breakdown:

  1. Keyword research
  2. On-page optimization
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Link building
  5. Content creation

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