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MKTG Plan is a Miami-based digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of online marketing services including custom web design, SEO and much more.

Miami is more than just a popular tourist destination known for its diverse culture and welcoming community; it’s also one of the most frequented spots on the global travel map, Miami is the magic city . With iconic attractions like Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Castle, and the ever-vibrant South Beach, the city is a magnet for visitors.

Beyond its scenic beaches and world-class attractions, Miami is rapidly becoming a significant player in the tech scene. The city’s dynamic culture and influx of investment opportunities create a challenging landscape for startups and small businesses eager to establish themselves. That’s where MKTG Plan steps in.

Our expert digital marketing team in Miami offers flexible and scalable solutions designed to help you reach your business objectives.

Web Design Miami Florida

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MKTG is good

Luis make me happy because they solutions for your Business and we create ideas is and solution for your problem and make growth Solutions offer range of services to their and I am really happy with their service.
Florida Laboratories

Luis has been taking care of our accounts for over 6 Years with great care and interest.  He is very professional,  responsive and awesome to work with. Very intuitive at the same time. He  provides quality work, and he is able to get everything done at a reasonable time. He is  patient with those who are not familiar with managing a website. Great maintenance. He handles all the internet marketing.  I recommend him for your next project. I highly recommend him. Five stars all the way!!


Miami Website Design Services

Create a Distinctive Brand Identity in Miami Florida with a Custom-Built Website

Logo Design

Your logo is more than just a graphic; it serves as the visual representation of your brand and a key element of your identity. In Miami, Florida, MKTG Plan offers both logo design and revamping services at budget-friendly rates. Our aim is to create logos that encapsulate your brand’s professionalism and credibility, making a memorable impact on your audience.

Video Production

Research shows that 51% of marketers in Miami, Florida, consider video as the most effective content for capturing interest and maximizing ROI. At MKTG Plan, we collaborate with talented directors and cinematographers to produce videos that not only represent your brand but also engage your audience, motivating them to delve deeper into your website.

Content Writing

In Miami, Florida, MKTG Plan goes beyond web design to offer unique, comprehensive content that resonates with your target audience. We have a team of content specialists focused on developing strategies based on reliable data. Partner with us to ensure your website features not only engaging but also SEO-optimized content, effectively connecting you with the right customers.


In Miami, Florida, choose MKTG Plan for a website design that is not just visually appealing but also SEO-optimized for effortless search engine crawling and indexing. We focus on more than just the look of your site, optimizing your content, creating image alt tags, following W3C guidelines, and utilizing effective link-building tactics. These elements enhance your site’s usability and elevate your standing in search rankings.

Technical SEO

Boost your website’s cross-device functionality with MKTG Plan’s specialized technical SEO and WordPress design services in Miami, Florida. We perform comprehensive domain audits, correct crawl issues, enhance page loading speeds, and repair broken links, all while optimizing for mobile use. Our all-encompassing strategy makes sure that your website is not only user-friendly but also well-suited for search engine indexing and crawling.

Website Analysis

In Miami, Florida, MKTG Plan offers in-depth website assessments to pinpoint your site’s conversion capabilities, strengths, and areas for improvement. Through extensive SEO audits, competition reviews, speed evaluations, and traffic studies, we gather the necessary data to improve your website’s ease of use. Our focused strategy is designed to increase both user engagement and conversion rates effectively.

Website Maintenance

Ongoing website upkeep is crucial for optimal performance, especially in Miami, Florida. At MKTG Plan, we conduct routine evaluations and gap analyses to find opportunities for enhancement. Based on this data, we devise plans focused on bolstering your site’s security, amplifying traffic, and improving the overall user experience. Our ultimate goal is to make certain your website continually operates at its peak potential.

SEO-Ready WordPress Web Design

Besides awesome SEO plugins, WordPress is designed to simplify your site’s optimization. It’s a breeze to add your keywords to URLs, include metadata on every post, and give your images SEO-friendly alt text. What’s more, WordPress themes and plugins offer a killer user experience that Google loves, so you’re more likely to score higher in search rankings.

Website Hosting

Enhance your website’s loading speed and security with web hosting solutions from MKTG Plan in Miami, Florida. We offer diverse hosting choices to fit your budget and requirements, such as WordPress hosting, Linux services, and cloud-based storage options. Our plans include 24/7 customer support and comprehensive domain management tools, ensuring your domains are both secure and reliable. Our objective is to provide you with a smooth and safe online experience.

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Why Should You Pick MKTG Plan as Your Go-To Digital Marketing in Miami?

Eclipse Your Rivals with High-Impact Marketing Strategies

In today’s competitive environment in Miami, Florida, simply opting for any digital marketing agency won’t suffice. You need a Miami-based partner that not only invests the time to grasp your business objectives and brand identity but also aims to deliver tangible results. This ensures you get the optimal return on your marketing investment. Regrettably, not all digital marketing agencies in Miami excel at striking this crucial balance.

miami web design

Why Should You Choose a Miami-Based WordPress Web Design Agency?

Outpace Your Rivals by Relying on Our Miami-Based Specialists

To truly capture the attention of your desired audience, you’ll need more than generic templates and basic website features. Chances are, your main competitor is already collaborating with a leading WordPress web design agency—and you should consider doing the same.

Here’s why you should think about partnering with a WordPress design agency:

Maximum Efficiency

A leading WordPress design agency in Miami, Florida brings invaluable years of experience to the table, something you can’t easily replicate by going it alone. A seasoned WordPress designer can efficiently build or revamp your website, ensuring it’s live and functional in no time. Given that WordPress is engineered for quick website development, a Miami-based WordPress design agency will work at peak efficiency to bring your website project to life.

Custom Website Design

In Miami, WordPress web design services go beyond just building a website; they’re about sculpting the optimal online face for your brand. A specialized Miami web design agency would engage in frequent consultations with your team to thoroughly understand your project’s unique needs. The objective is to realize your dream website, and a design team armed with extensive expertise in WordPress services is well-equipped to make that happen.

Worry-Free Management

A Miami-based WordPress design agency sets up a staging environment to guarantee that the web design aligns with your expectations. This allows you a secure space to discuss potential modifications with your WordPress developer without jeopardizing the integrity of the live site. Partnering with such an agency ensures that you can focus on your core business without the added stress of website-related issues, offering you peace of mind in knowing your online presence is in expert hands.

Comprehensive Layered Support

A dependable WordPress web design agency understands that a successful website is more than just an appealing design. It also requires a solid SEO foundation, quick loading speeds, and consistent mobile-responsiveness. Balancing all these factors effectively is crucial, and a specialized WordPress design services agency is equipped to manage them for you. This multi-faceted approach ensures that your site not only looks good but also performs exceptionally well.

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Responsive design is quickly becoming the industry standard. It allows a website to adapt its display to fit various devices, regardless of screen size. This ensures that your site’s content is always easy to read and user-friendly, whether someone is viewing it on a desktop or a mobile device. The beauty of this approach is that you don’t need a separate mobile site; your website will look fantastic across all platforms. Check out some of the responsive websites we’ve crafted for our clients.

The duration needed to finish a website design isn’t set in stone; it fluctuates depending on several factors. These include the website’s size (measured by the number of pages), the complexity of the design, and any special features or custom development needed. It’s crucial to also consider the prep time for creating wireframes, the ongoing dialogue between the design and development teams, and the time for final tweaks and edits.

SEO-friendly web design refers to the practice of building a website with search engine optimization (SEO) considerations in mind. This approach allows digital marketers to more easily optimize the site, leading to improved traffic and better positioning on search engine results pages. When Google crawls and indexes websites, those that are optimized for search typically achieve higher rankings and greater domain authority.

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